Just Watching TV… by RubyPheonix
Nothing unusual here :PI decided to finish up my sketch.
DS2 - Dr. Drystan by RubyPheonix
It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn this guy. rubypheonix.deviantart.com/art… My drawing style has changed O.oHis name is Dr. Drystan. It’s his job to look over White and study her in the asylum.Lately on Draw Something 2 I’ve been doing little bits of her story. I might do a comic afterwards because DS2 doesn’t let you save the playback of a drawing. 
DS2 - Sandshrew by RubyPheonix
I’m on this app called Draw Something 2. It’s like a mini portable deviant art (community wise). 
People can play the game where you draw out a word and have the other person guess what it is for coins. People can also free draw using various tools (highlighter, waterbrush, pixel, sparkle, ect.) and share their drawings for comments and likes. I’ve never played a Pokemon game before until recently (someone linked me to a website where I can play the old games) and I realized that I love Sandshrew XD He’s so adorable! I just want to hug him <3If you want to find me on Draw Something 2, I am under the username White_Asylum
Or if you want to see some of the other stuff I’ve drawn on the app, I have a Sta.sh folder where I upload some of those drawings 
J.A.X. Drawings by RubyPheonix
I tried to do something like this or that with one of my own OC’s.
Some sketches of Xen.
Some random stuff I drew to pass the time…
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