Here’s a quick late night sketch I did before bed yesterday.  Why Sailor Moon?
Because I watched the show as a little kid and after watching the brand new reboot over the weekend, I felt all nostalgic and wanted to draw her :)
I’ve been preoccupied all summer -_-’ I haven’t been able to finish a drawing in forever.

Well, I’m done with my school work. So it’s drawing time!

I got a few requests to finish so I’m going to focus on those before I really go for my own stuff.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new drawings I’ll post soon ^_^

For once I’d like to know what thoughts people who’ve met me had. Good or bad, I just want to know what people really think of me than to just be stuck with my own distorted perspective of what I thought they would think.

I do get lucky sometimes and people tell me on their own, I just wish it happens a bit more often. 

Most importantly though, I wish I can really take in the good than let the bad hurt me so much. Honestly, the bad thoughts comes from me to myself so…I just want to stop that shit.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this old sketch yet >.<’
This is a dragon I’ve been working on for a while (months) here and there. I just continue work on it occasionally. It’s still a rough sketch…I’m not sure what to do exactly for the rest of the body. I’m mostly focusing on the head.
Anyway…got a busy week coming up. Got to finish school stuff so I can finally work on what I want :P The dragon isn’t part of the school stuff though…
Just Watching TV… by RubyPheonix
Nothing unusual here :PI decided to finish up my sketch.
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