+Robin Williams and Why Funny People Kill Themselves


Okay, listen.  I know this is a Cracked article and you probably shut off at even seeing the name of the fucking website, but please read this.  I’ve never read something that hit me so close to home.   This short article has described my entire fucking life up to this point, and I just want at least everyone that has ever met me to read it.  To get the fucking idea of the goddamn things I go through every day.  Idk.  I love you all.

Rick Sanchez by RubyPheonix
I did the lineart on this months ago, since I figured out a simpler way to finish a drawing on my last deviation I decided to try it out on Rick. I’m really liking this simpler finishing :)Drawn on Sketchbook Express and Photoshop CC (trial)
Sketchbook Jax - New Coloring/Shading Method? by RubyPheonix
The lineart for this is a few months old and I was playing around trying to find a simpler way to finish a drawing. It turned out better than I thought…I think I might do this for character portraits because sometimes when I try to do faces in my usual way of finishing a drawing….it turns out weird. I can’t describe…sometimes I think I just end up smoothing out the face too much?Anyway, I prefer this way to that way when it comes to at least drawing Jax…..his face looks so different in that older drawing O.oDrawn on Sketchbook Express and colored in Photoshop CC (trial)
She is the one named Sailor Moon by RubyPheonix
It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to get a drawing done here. I thought I’d be able to draw stuff over the summer,  but I’ve been more focused in getting something done for a classmate and I’ve also had a summer class to finish. 
Now I finally got some time for myself…..and summer is almost over.Anyway, since it’s been almost forever that I’ve been able to finish a drawing on my computer, I thought I’d warm up by drawing something from my very first anime. Especially since Sailor Moon Crystal was released! A complete reboot of the original anime. My thoughts: very nostalgiac, I felt like I was 6 years old all over again!  I’m so happy to see Sailor Moon after all this time!However, it looks….forgive my phrasing but, the artwork looks like a polished turd. 
I mean come on…wtf happened to the anatomy? The show is all shiny and sparkly, it looks freaking gorgeous! 
But since they screwed up the anatomy I can’t help but feel like I’m staring at poop dipped in gold. I mean, working on this drawing I had to tweak and make sure I got everything looking right before I finished it. My original sketch didn’t have the whole legs. I had to draw the legs 3 times before I felt I’ve done it right. Even then I had to tweak it some more! I had to preposition one of her arms because my sketch had it wrong. I redid the mouth a couple of times and tweaked it a few more times. I had to change the hair from my sketch because it made no sense.I’m sure I still have errors on my drawing here, but I did my best to make sure it’s not glaring or fundamentally fucked up.This is a post my friend made to show just how weird the anatomy is on Sailor Moon Crystal Did you see how alien like her head really is under all that hair?! WTF.Or even this post by someone else where the eyes are wrong Now I’ll admit, I’ve made that very same eye mistake before (who really hasn’t?) But wow, this is a professional animation…oh well. It did seem like a detail that can be overlooked easily…But then there’s this I’m happy this is just the one frame though….this one hilarious frame.I know they take the style from the manga, but I’m sure that the manga doesn’t turn Usagi into the sister of Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece when she transforms into Sailor Moon. HER LIMBS WERE NOODLY. The transformation would have been fantastic if it wasn’t so obvious she went all gum gum on us!   
Sailor Mercury’s transformation was nice though.I’m done ranting…I like the anime, I just wished they did a bit better you know? I know they can do it. Anyway, while getting this drawing done I almost forgot how I did this. I mean I seriously almost forgot how I finish a drawing on my computer. That freaked me out for a bit, but it all came back to me ^_^Drawing Reference: images6.fanpop.com/image/photo…
Here’s a quick late night sketch I did before bed yesterday.  Why Sailor Moon?
Because I watched the show as a little kid and after watching the brand new reboot over the weekend, I felt all nostalgic and wanted to draw her :)
I’ve been preoccupied all summer -_-’ I haven’t been able to finish a drawing in forever.

Well, I’m done with my school work. So it’s drawing time!

I got a few requests to finish so I’m going to focus on those before I really go for my own stuff.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new drawings I’ll post soon ^_^

For once I’d like to know what thoughts people who’ve met me had. Good or bad, I just want to know what people really think of me than to just be stuck with my own distorted perspective of what I thought they would think.

I do get lucky sometimes and people tell me on their own, I just wish it happens a bit more often. 

Most importantly though, I wish I can really take in the good than let the bad hurt me so much. Honestly, the bad thoughts comes from me to myself so…I just want to stop that shit.

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